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[CP 195-195.5 CD] Francis Jeannin, Various; Chimie Du Son, Stoeien Met Geluid

Creel Pone

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I hope you're been enjoying the Creel Pone 19X-19X.5 "Doubles" series; some great multi-disc titles that simply couldn't wait for their usual "every ten catalogue number" positions, especially as the series is running out of spots approaching its intended 200-title terminus.

Here we've got an absolute corker, offering a mid-50s, private-press 10" release by Swiss sound engineer Francis Jeannin, who, verbally, takes us through the techniques of making Tape Music before letting loose with a side of home-spun Musique Concrète miniatures that are just as fragile & rich as anything contemporaneously out of the GRM. In something of a completists' gesture, the (rather terse) 10" is extended on the first disc by a lovely, side-length piece by the composer & choreographer Emile de Ceuninck, on which Jeannin both performs live electronics & a bit of post-production tape-mangling.

This was thought to be the only other recorded appearance of Mr. Jeannin, until Mr. P.C. C.P. came across the fantastic, and entirely confusing "Stoeien Met Geluid, 25 Jaar Amateur-Geluidsregistratie 1951-1976" compilation, which translates as "Playing around with Sound, 25 Years of Amateur Sound Recording", including, amongst a baffling assortment of Tape Collage, proto-Minimal Synth, and a huge concentration of regional, then-in-vogue accordion styles by such "Amateurs" as Peter L. Bastin, G.W.F. Stok, Monica Mando, R.S. King, Gerd H, Nieckau, Jürgen Sprotte, Marcel Cellier, Svend Erik Nielsen, Derek Alfred Worman, Marino Manferdini, Manfred Eicher (no word on whether this is the Calig / ECM kingpin or not), Janos Zakar, Dr. Roberto Santini, Monica Nando, Bert van den Brink, Andre Champod, A.J.W. van Eerden, Hanz-Erich Schwarz, Martin Grabinger, and Wilhelm Glückert is a piece by a "Francis Leannin", which turns out to be a reconfigured take of the 10"'s "H2O". The compilation, while not exactly an "All Hits" brigade, is included in its entirely on the second disc; enjoy!