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Ernő Király; Ernő Király (Jugoton / Udruženje Kompozitora SAP Vojvodine #ULS 510, 1979)

1-01. Toccata Pentatonica (5:05)
1-02. Apsurdna Priča / Abszurd Mese / Absurd Story (2:00)
1-03. Tačke I Linije / Pontok És Vonalak / Dots And Lines (6:15)
1-04. Werbung (6:10)

1-05. Bacchanale N° 2 (7:30)
1-06. Vocalizzazioni (4:40)
1-07. Variazioni Sul Do (6:35)
1-08. Perpetuum Mobile (2:00)

Xénia Radák, Ernő Király; Graphic Music (Diskos #LPD-1002, 1979)

2-01. Folk Rustle (9:40)
2-02. Actiones (11:26)

2-03. Acezantez (22:00)

[CP 000.16 CD] Ernő Király, Xénia Radák; Graphic Music +

Creel Pone

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This was the 16th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, collecting both of the collaborative LPs by the Hungarian-Yugoslavian Composer & Instrument-Builder Ernő Király & Designer & Composer Xénia Detoni (née Radák) in 1979, as originally issued by the Yugoslavian-Croatian state-run label Jugoton (via their Serbian "Udruženje Kompozitora SAP Vojvodine" sub-series) & the Serbian imprint Diskos, respectively.

This replica issue recreates all of Detoni's absurdly great design-elements across a 6-panel insert which, when coupled with the fantastic Eastern-European Folk-tinged Free Improv & Experimental music offered within (with Dubravko Detoni's Acezantez providing a side-length piece to close out the latter title, replete with Zlatko Tanodi's free-synth filigree & Katalin Ladik providing her voice on the former) makes this a compelling one-two...