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Eric Ross; Electronic Etudes (Op. 18), Songs For Synthesized Soprano (Op. 19)

Creel Pone
CP 199.4 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Issued on the Composer's Private Doria imprint in 1982 & featuring two side-length suites of music; "Electronic Etudes (Op. 18)" & "Songs For Synthesized Soprano (Op. 19)" this debut LP of music by American Composer & Improvising Thereminist Eric Ross was well off of my radar until one of the core C.P. Cabal brought it to light.

Featuring a salacious bevy of instrumentation: Buchla 200, Serge Modular, Moog III, Moog 10, Brewer Custom Synthesizer, Theremin, etc. this set transposes & processes acoustic materials such as Bassoon, Cymbal, Clarinet, Kalimba, Balinese & Javanese Gender (Gamelan) & straightforward & vocoded vocals & occasional Concrète touches.

True to the cover's Experimental Television Center aesthetic & release-date, there are frequent détournements into Liquid-Sky esque warble & clatter, which, when juxtaposed against the purist Analogue modes make for one hell of a two-part suite. 


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