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[CP 134 CD] Elektronische Musik, Konkret - Instrumental - Vokal

Creel Pone

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1982 compilation of late 70s & early 80s "Konkret - Instrumental - Vokal" work composed at the Studio für Elektronische Musik der Staatlichen Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.

Includes pieces by Jürgen Bäuninger (incredible transformations of “Tam Tam”, or gong smash / grabbings,) Klaus Fessman (re-pitched string grabs, Partch-like prepared piano & deep ominous bass cloudings, cut with random bleep,) Ulrich Süsse (tongue-in-cheek narrations jump-cut at a rapid pace analog zaps, sound poetry & plunderphonics ; quite intense !!!,) David Mason-Edwards (deep context-removal language-transformation study, based on Gregory Corso’s 1958 poem, using some quite grimy synth crackle), and Erhrad (sic) Karkoschka (oboe smear & pointillist tape-stutter par excellence.)

The common bond here is the embrace of dark, spacious Musique Concrète approach(es) to sound aggregation - quite unusual (even this late) given the Franco-Germanic divide between Schaeffer’s GRM school & the WDR set (clearly this lot side with Schaeffer !!!) An excellent set of music by some quite obscure names, unheralded no more.