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Groupe De Recherches Musicales De L'O.R.T.F.

1-01. Ivo Malec; Spot (1:46)
1-02. Luc Ferrari; Visage V (10:33)
1-03. Guy Reibel; 2 Variations En Étoile (6:19)
1-04. Bernard Parmegiani; Ponomatopées (6:14)

1-05. Bernard Parmegiani; Générique (2:25)
1-06. Pierre Schaeffer / Pierre Henry; Bidule En Ut (2:15)
1-07. Ivo Malec; Dahovi II (7:13)
1-08. Pierre Schaeffer; Étude Aux Allures (3:40)
1-09. François Bayle; Solitioude (7:02)

Studio Voor Elektronische Muziek Utrecht

1-10. Jaap Vink; Screen (7:48)
1-11. Milan Stibilj; Rainbow (7:08)
1-12. Frits Weiland; Textuur (6:50)
1-13. Jacob Cats; Lux (7:10)

2-01. Alireza Maschayeki; Shur (6:36)
2-02. Luctor Ponse; Radiophone (6:03)
2-03. Jos Kunst; Expulsion (8:52)
2-04. Gottfried Michael Koenig; Funktion Blau (5:59)

Studio Of Radio NHK; Tokyo

2-05. Toshiro Mayuzumi; Mandara (10:10)
2-06. Maki Ishii; Kyoō (13:09)

2-07. Minao Shibata; Improvisation (9:24)
2-08. Makoto Moroi; Shōsanke (13:09)

Studio Eksperymentalne Polskie Radio

3-01. Krzysztof Penderecki; Psalmus (5:04)
3-02. Andrzej Dobrowolski; Musique Pour Bande Magnétique Et Hautbois Solo (9:00)
3-03. Arne Nordheim; Solitaire (10:59)

3-04. Włodzimierz Kotoński; Microstructures (5:19)
3-05. Bogusław Schaeffer; Symphonie (17:05)

[CP 000.10 CD] Electronic Panorama; Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa

Creel Pone

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This was the tenth & easily the most desirable of the first wave of ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, cleanly replicating all four LPs of the "Deluxe" French variant of the epoch-defining 1970 "Electronic Panorama: Paris, Tokyo, Utrecht, Warszawa" boxed set, right on down to the foil-stamped fold-out "Brochure" detailing the covers & titles of the rest of the series up until that point (reproduced wonderfully & legibly here on its own "Half-Panel;" if you've ever tried to scan a mirror you'll understand just what an undertaking it was to recreate this effect).

This & the eight individual LP-side labels are cleanly presented across a gorgeous 6-panel Metallic "Pearlized" booklet, with a (hand-cut & stapled; never again) 20-page insert recreating both the French & Dutch (if you squint & look just right you'll see the "Black" panels are actually twice-printed with both the "Full-Bleed Red" AND "Black" designs unique to each territory) with the music presented in full across three "Shiny-Top, Black-Bottom" discs (again, to attempt to recreate the raw splendour of this record-artifact as object-of-desire).

Short of including the versions/edits on the "Electronic 2000" LP (which, despite the rumours going around the mill, are identical to the versions on the box & are not included) I can't see how anyone looking for this oft-unobtainable "King James Bible" of Electro-Acoustic music will be in any kind of sour state around this exacting replica.