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Electronic Music by Canadian Composers, Volumes 1 & 2, Music Canada Vol XIII, Electronic Music in Canada

Creel Pone
CP 192-192.5 CD
Double Compact Disc-Recordable

Epic, double-disc edition covering three LPs of formative Electronic Music from Canada; both volumes of the Melbourne-label "Electronic Music By Canadian Composers" series - presenting both cover-variations of each in a metallized variant of the de facto Creel Pone "grid" - then the internal Radio Canada pressing of "Music Canada Vol XIII Electronic Music in Canada."

Starting with an amazing, side-length piece by "Sky-Sails" co-author Ann Southam (more about her later in the series) & continuing into work by Violet Archer, Robert Daigneault, Michel Longtin (ditto), Don Druick, Peter Huse, and Reinhard Berg, the nexus of concrète-addled formations and big, drippy Moog Modular stylings - all collected & composed between 1968 & 1972 - is unique in origin and style, running a wide gamut from more drone-oriented works to quite active, edit-heavy assemblage. 

"Music Canada Vol XIII, Electronic Music in Canada" is an hour-long radio program, narrated by Norma Beecroft, containing works by Micheline Coulombe Saint-Marcoux, Gustav Ciamaga, Hugh Le Caine, and many others, offering a succinct run-through of contemporaneous styles. 

Disc one covers "Electronic Music" Volume 1, A & B, then Volume 2 A; the second disc starts with Volume 2 B, then presents the entirety of "Music Canada Vol XIII, Electronic Music in Canada", edited for track breaks. This makes a great and complete companion with the earlier Creel Pone of "Carrefour" ; a grand presentation of Psychedelic-era Electronic Works. 


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