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[CP 015 CD] Edward M. Zajda; Independent Electronic Music Composer

Creel Pone

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Now that the Creel-Pone series has reached its teens, its time for an irreverent late-60s blast of heavy Synth-Freakout / Tape-Psych weirdness from this Cicero, Illinois based composer, about whom i can’t find a single bit of information - other than that he has a piece included in a 1964 radio program called “Electronic Music in America” that’s archived in the Brandeis library.

Originally issued in the late 60s on the regional Ars Nova / Ars Antiqua” label, “Independent” stars out with a bit of midrange oscillating Synth clusters abetted by moaning “Giallo” vocals - just as we think we're getting the pace of things an Opera bellow cuts through ... then ... a snatch of late 60s Psych-Guitar Fuzz (??? !!!) that wouldn’t be out of place on the Plastic Cloud LP before descending back into further logically-removed Synth-Fuzzler aktions.

From there on it just gets more and more out; some really fantastic edit-heavy Ring-Modulated noise one second, then an 8-voice drone cloud the next. A couple of pieces on the B-side mix voices from the Apollo mission with some of the most absolutely fried pontillist blat i think i’ve ever heard. Of the Creel Pones that have surfaced as of yet, this could very well be my favorite - Ii’m basing that status on the fact that i had never even heard of this LP prior to receiving the Creel Pone of it coupled with the fact that its so boss - entirely necessary, especially if the combination of:

A) early synthesizer manipulation
B) home-studio strangeness
C) late 60s midwest “Psych” connotations

... floats your respective tugboat. Capital-Z Zonked.