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[CP 122 CD] Dubravko Detoni, John Lewis, John Keliehor; Avant Garde

Creel Pone

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Trucking right along, here’s the 1974 second entrant from British library Studio G’s “Avant Garde” series, featuring a trilogy of pieces composed by none other than “Acezantez” head Dubravko Detoni - only his second LP release following the storied “Graphie I.II.III / Phonomorphia 1.2.3” LP for Philips’ Prospective 21e Siècle series from a few short years prior.

Laid out with familiar Library-lexicon panache - the three pieces are described as “Acoustics for Piano Effects and Cello,” “Piano Effects and Electronics,” and “For Orchestra and Electronics” - Detoni’s music here is concerned with dense Electro-Acoustic grapplings with small-group instrumental timbres rivaling his “Above-Board” work for Jugoton. In particular the piano-transform piece “Phonomorphia” is a fantastically dark Musique Concrète workout that calls to mind such canonic work as Raaijmakers’ “Pianoforte,” yet retaining Dubravko’s extended sense of space & dense tonal clusterings.

To round things out, there’s a piece by Studio G regulars - their pieces dot the tracklistings of both “Dramatic and Horror” volumes along with many Bruton & Standard Libraries - John Lewis & John Keliehor consisting of some very cinematic atonal organ & a-rhythmic marching-band figures that erupt into a big grisly blowout worthy of the closing credits of a Lucio Fulci film. Lovely cover as well, reproduced beautifully thanks to the upgraded 2011 C.P. print-spec.