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[CP 147 CD] Dieter Kaufmann; Herbstpathetique, Bildnis, Evocation+

Creel Pone

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2018 réédition including a huge amount of bonus materials across two discs, including both Musikalische Jugend Österreichs LPs;"Herbstpathetique, Bildnis" (#0120 076, 1972) & "Evocation" (#0120 077, 1974) on disc one (with the second movement of "Evocation III" trailing at the start of disc two), then his piece "P A X - Zeremoniell Für 18 Stimmen Und Lautsprecher (1970)" from the MJÖ "Jeunesse Musicales Präsentiert Erwin G. Ortner" set (#0120 091, 1975), the 1977 piece "Über Die Einigkeit Für Orgel Und Tonband" (from Amadeo #AVRS 6482, w/ König) & "Concertomobil for Violin, Orchestra and Tape" from the titular 1986 LP in Amadeo's "Österreichische Musik der Gegenwart" series (#419 557-1), & finally Günter Schneider's reading of "Der Himmel Hängt Voller Gitarren, Rhapsodie Für Gitarre, Fünf Cassettenrecorder Und Tonband" on his "Gunterbunt" recital (Extraplatte ‎#EX 40) on disc two (whew); enjoy!

Issued by the mythical “Musikalische Jugend Österreichs” (the same who bestowed Anestis Logothetis’ “Hör!-Spiel / Nekrologlog 1961 / Fantasmata 1960” LP onto a confused, irradiated public a few years later) in 1972, this, frankly, batshit outing of Sound-Poetry lineage vocal gymnastics (courtesy of the composer’s wife - noted actress Gunda König) & analogue blat ℅ Dieter Kaufmann hits an ardent stride during the A-side’s Rilke adaptation before launching into the stratosphere via the B-side’s extremely noise-addled scream / squelch extrapolations.

Given the pure levels of scorched wha-fuck grappling within, I’m kinda sorta amazed that it’s taken this long to bring this to the attention of the P.T.B. over at P.C.C. - good to have you back bud(dies.)