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[CP 000.34 CD] Music From Mathematics, Voice Of The Computer+

Creel Pone

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This was the 34th title in the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" series, pairing the "Stereo" versions of the two Decca-label collections of Early Computer Music, "Music From Mathematics" (DL 79103, 1962) & "Voice Of The Computer" (DL 710810, 1970) along with the two pairs of flexidiscs included with John R. Pierce's "The Science Of Musical Sound" & Wayne Slawson's "Sound Color" &, lastly, the original one-sided 7" of "He Saw The Cat: Computer Speech" as issued by Bell Labs in 1963.

These are perhaps the best place to investigate the origins of Digital Sound Synthesis, presenting canonic work by Max Mathews (including the famed "Bicycle Built For Two" as "covered" by HAL 9000 during the waning moments of "2001"), James Tenney, Jean-Claude Risset, R.N. Shepard, Orlando Gibbons, Newman Guttman, David Lewin, S.D. Speeth, Pierce, & Slawson across two discs w/ a TRT of over 2 hours.

Includes all detail from the titles discussed across a 6-panel "Glossy" booklet & plus a 12-page insert w/ the track-details for the Pierce & Slawson sound-demonstrations.