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[CP 245 CD] Gino Marinuzzi Jr.; Musica Ed Elettronica, Muraglie Di Ghiaccio, Figure Geometriche

Creel Pone

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Marinuzzi was an American-Italian Composer of, mostly, lyrical film music, although he famously scored Mario Bava's impeccably costumed 1965 epic "Terrore Nello Spazio" (aka "Planet of the Vampires", itself becoming something of a classic in the Early Electronic Sci-Fi Soundtrack canon alongside "The Day The Earth Stood Still" & "Forbidden Planet") featuring some very deep & wonderful Syn-Ket work by the instrument's namesake, Paolo Ketoff.

It's presumably with the same machine that Marinuzzi created the auspicious sound designs that were later compiled into the 1971 "Musica Ed Elettronica" library (which appears alongside Il Gruppo member Egisto Macchi's "Città Notte", Bruno Nicolai's recently-reissued "Marquis De Sade's" & Oronzo "Rino" de Filippi's "Nel Mondo Del Lavoro" on Sermi Film Edizioni Musicali's legendary "SR Records" series as #SP 131) which breaks cleanly from the lineage of late-60s Italian Moog-discovery works by Umiliani & Boneschi

Added at the tail-end of the single-disc (as why not) is Marinuzzi's other SR title, "Muraglie Di Ghiaccio, Figure Geometriche" from 1968 (SP 111) featuring a more linear application of motif & harmony, with brief flourishes of more outré tendencies...