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[CP 249 CD] Marcello Giombini; Overground, Synthomania

Creel Pone

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A few years back, when this current, third-wave of Production Library revivalism began to take root, I was surprised to see such a fuss being made over Giombini's "Astromusic Synthesizer" (a later, early 80s Forever library much in the vein of Mort Garson & Paul Beaver's "Zodiac;" in the same way as Goblin's "Suspiria" is in the vein of "Tubular Bells") which was the subject of the multiple, warring factions of simultaneous bootleg pressings that usually define a zeitgeist nowhere near in sync.

Surprise, mainly as I had always considered Giombo's two early-70s CAM (Creazioni Artistiche Musicali) libraries as the high-water marks of the series (of course, alongside Andrés Lewin Richter's "Space Electronics / Ligatures / Electronic Mystery", Vittorio Marino's "Fugue of Light", the seemingly endless wave of Giampiero Boneschi "A New Sensation In Sound" sub/series and of course the towering "Industriale • Ecologico" comp; the rest are trash) far worthier of the same attention and rampant historical revivalism.

Lo and behold; here is a fine replica covering both of said, sandwiched neatly onto a single-disc (CAM's tend to be shorter; the TRT is just over an hour) presented as issued in 1973 as CML-032 & 033, respectively; voila