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[CP 022 CD] Cellutron & The Invisible; Reflecting On The First Watch We Uncover Treasure Buried For The Blind

Creel Pone

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Once again, leave it to Mr. P.C. C.P. to unearth yet another recording that not only hadn’t I heard; I hadn’t even heard of it until the faithful Thursday afternoon box from Reykjavik.

Originally released in 1978 on the Northfield, Vermont based Green Mountain records, “Cellutron & the Invisible” is (apparently) the brain-child of one Robert S. Greely, credited to multiple Pessoa-esque amalgams (such as "Spaceboy", "Indiana Straight", "A. Tsiorbas", "D. Tsiorbas", & of course "Cellutron" - the only person credited that I can glean was involved otherwise was Michael Hurley's brother Robert, who engineered most of the Green Mountain records along w/ the former's 1980 Rounder LP "Snockgrass") across this blessed affair. I’ve tried my usual sources for more information, but all I get are dead links and references to the LP itself, making this the ultimate "Cul De Sac" of individual intent.

This one squares up nicely within the continuum of weirdo 60s / 70s outsider Private-Press Electronic-Psych such as Intersystems (specifically), Spoils of War, Nik “Pascal” Raicevic, etc. Plenty of basement Modular-Synth spew coupled with chemically-derived “Outsider Poetry” and a few flourishes of Psych-Guitar for the “Heads.” If synth-drippings & zonked guitar / wordplay from a northern / deep woods dwelling longhair doesn’t sound like a variant on your ideal “Thing”, well, then I’ll be a Digital Readout Hum.