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[CP 014 CD] Carrefour, Musique Électro-Acoustique

Creel Pone

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Mid-70s rundown of the “Psychedelic Era” Québécois Electro-Acoustic Composer-scene, containing pieces by the well-known - Hugh LeCaine - to the time-obscured  - just about everyone else including the recently re-discovered Micheline Coulombe St. Marcoux. Especially strong pieces include Peter Huse’s “Space Play” from 1969 - again: Space + Early Electronics = winner, every time - Michel Longtin’s “La Mart du Pierrot”, and of course the St. Marcoux & LeCaine pieces, esp. the levels of bombast gotten up to by the former.

Occasional mis-steps hurt the head - personally, i could do without the recast wedding march in the Pedersen piece, although parts of it are extremely edit-heavy; some of the synth sounds in the David Paul piece haven’t exactly aged well - but do little to cloud the overall vision on display continuously throughout. Leave it to Mr. P.C. C.P. to trawl the globe, slowly enlightening us to the goings on in Electronic Music Studios the world over, one era / studio / batch / record at a time.