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[CP 220 CD] Carlos Fariñas, Juan Marcos Blanco; Aguas Territoriales, Caballos

Creel Pone

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First Creel Pone double-artist twofer - odd, considering how many opportunities to handle things this way have arisen over the years - topically linked by the label that initially released them, Empresa Grabaciones R E M, or EGREM's Areito, and the topic & time-period in question; Electro-Acoustic Music in Cuba, early 80s edition.

First up is Carlos Fariñas' "Aguas Territoriales" - two side-length pieces for errant electronics & Concrète sounds. While the A-side's minimal, misted "Madrigal" covers a wide range of ground, it's the echo-plexed water-drip ruminations of the title piece that bowl me over; equal parts Walter Marchetti's "Per La Sete Dell'Orecchio", Knud Viktor's "Ambiances" and Craig Leon's "Nommos" - out of sight. 

The rest of the disc is handed over to Juan Marcos Blanco - incidentally, the son of EGREM / Creel Pone graduate Juan Blanco - whose suite of equine-themed pieces works incidental farm noises into a thunderclap-rich suite of classic Cuban tape music. There's a constant swell of harmonic-series synthesis that strongly reminds of Daniel Arfib's "Musique Numérique", plus some great stray plonk that wouldn't be out of place on Nuno Canvarro's "Plux Quba" or even Igor Savin's "Childhood", cut with some fine, warped jubilant Berlin School sequences & stray frog song, very unusual.

Between this collection, the Juan Blanco "Contemporaneos 4, Musica Electroacustica" two-fer, and the "Música Electroacústica, Música Electroacústica (Time) - Jóvenes Compositores Cubanos" set, you have virtually every officially released piece of Cuban Electronic Music from the classic era; glad to complete the trifecta here.