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[CP 257 CD] Dereales, Mario Migliardi; Caratteristici (Temi Per Situazioni Diverse Realizzati Con Apparaecchiature Elettroniche)

Creel Pone

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Eight years after collaborating on the score of the 1962 Roberto Bianchi Montero film "Tharus figlio di Attila" (AKA "Tharus, Son of Attila", AKA "Colussus and the Huns") Alexandre "Dereales" Derevitsky & Mario "Vidulesku" Migliardi were once again paired up for this priceless Fonit "Serie Usignolo" title, almost lost amidst the label's series of "Antichi E Arcaici" ("Antique & Archaic") libraries of, largely, Medieval music (to which the pair contributed, separately, to the "Stile Monodico E Melopeico" & "Stile Medioevale E Settecentesco" volumes). Bookended in either direction by a set of two-three "C 26X" titles by the beyond-prolific Giampiero Boneschi & his Mitridate alias, it would be easy for your eyes to glaze over long before you arrived at this stellar, if all too-brief slice of scorched-Earth Electronic Sound, with each contributing a separate side-length program of "Features (Themes For Different Situations Made With Electronic Equipment)."

It's frustrating that this is Derevitsky's only foray into Experimental music; his touch is harsh and unforgiving, and it would have been amazing to hear more in this vein. That said, while Migliardi is largely known for his scores to a series of "Cult Westerns" (Cesare Canevari's 1970 "¡Mátalo!" & Lorenzo Gicca Palli 1971 "Il Venditore die Morte" AKA "The Price Of Death") he did revisit this avenue to compose a series of Abstract & Avant-Electronic works for Vittorio Cottafavi's 1972 RAI Miniseries "A come Andromeda" (AKA "A For Andromeda") all of which were issued on disc a few years back. Regardless, this replica edition (available at the C.P. "midline" initiative/pricepoint given its brevity) sums up the more outré stylings of each extremely well, and we're lucky to have even this brief glimpse into the more transgressive tendencies of each.