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[CP 043 CD] Bruno Menny; Cosmographie

Creel Pone

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Once again, i’m reminded that one can twist & turn, uncovering rocks looking for stray Paleozoic lifeforms one’s whole life and still never find 0.01% of what’s out there. To my knowledge, the early 70s platter replicated here is the sole LP by one Bruno Menny; he’s mainly known for his endless CV of engineering, arrangement, and production credits for people like Mouloudji - yes, the voice on the Jean Genet / André Almuro "Un Condamne a Mort" LP - Michel Portal, Benoît Widemann, and a little-known but fairly fantastic french Experimental Folk group called “La Chiffone” - once again working that magic combination of Early Electronic / Electro-Acoustic Composition and Space themes.

This is pretty much your premium François Bayle-lineage bleep fest with the occasional detour into “Music” - the closing section of “Orbite Autour de la Planete 3” a is a bit too lyrical for my tastes; but then again’s it’s so perfectly microtonal that it almost works! - what does it for me is the side-long “Cosmos”; starting with its downright angry-sounding Synths - almost on par with something off of “Mise en Musique du Corticalart de Roger Lafosse” - before the space-winds and some super-cool Echo-plexed / detuned electric guitar spazz cuts through the haze, leaving a trail of ghost-voices in its wake. Just so good, early / obscure, beautiful cover featuring some kind of Neon Space Gel - completely apropos of the music - “Out” electric guitar; everything about it’s gold.