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[CP 187 CD] Brian Hodgson, John Lewis; Encore Electronic

Creel Pone

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After something of a break, Creel Pone returns, borne anew, with this reproduction of an obscure 1975 Standard Library offering (#ESL-133), dovetailing tracks by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop / White Noise member Brian Hodgson & previous Creel Pone "graduate" John Lewis (whose lengthy collaboration with composer John Keliehor, "Schizophrenia" closes out the otherwise all-Dubravko Detoni "Avantgarde" volume from Studio G, issued the previous year) - both founders of Electrophon studios & the lone two members of the more linearly-aligned group Wavemaker.

Consisting, in true Library Music fashion, of a series of 33 terse-to-song-length vignettes for droning and/or pulsing electronic sound - titles are true to form; "Galactic Clock," "Interstellar Chatter," "Cosmic Cloud," "Winds Of The Void, "Caverns Of The Deep," "Dance Of The Virus," and so on - the proceedings herein map a singular stock-take of mid-70s synthesizer vocabulary, occasionally landing on an eerily prescient lane of rhythmic burble, largely favoring misted, alien soundscapes of no known origin.

Little of Hodgson's abstract / experimental work has been issued commercially - a couple of bits on BBC Radiophonic comps, great track on the "Sounds From..... EMS - Synthi" flexi, more recently unearthed collaborative film & TV work w/ Tristram Cary & Delia Derbyshire - making this something of a cause célèbre for those of us trading in this particular vein of cultural currency.