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Reverberations; Music For Organ, Brass, And Electronic Tape (Move #MS 3008, 1973)

1-01. Ian Bonighton; Cathedral Music 1 (13:12)
1-02. Felix Werder; Toccata (10:42)

1-03. Ron Nagorcka; Theme And Variations (11:11)
1-04. Keith Humble; Paraphrase "In Five" + Mass = Statico II (10:590)

Reverberations Two; Music For Organ, Didjeridu, Voices, And Electronics (Move #MS 3025, 1979)

1-05. Ron Nagorcka; Sanctus (20:41)

1-06. James Penberthy; Hymn For The Death Of Jesus (6:37)
1-07. James Penberthy; Scherzo (4:27)

2-01. Felix Werder; Holy Thursday (4:56)

Sequenza And Other Works (Move #MS 3016, 1977)

2-02. Ian Bonighton; Sequenza (10:00)
2-03. Ian Bonighton; Music For Sleep (10:01)

2-04. Ian Bonighton; Derivations III (5:05)
2-05. Ian Bonighton; In Nomine (8:51)
2-06. Ian Bonighton; Toccata For Organ (3:42)
2-07. Ian Bonighton; Derivations I (3:04)

2-08. Ian Bonighton; String Quartet No 2 (18:21)

2-09. Ian Bonighton; One Two Three (12:20)
2-10. Ian Bonighton; Canonic Var

[CP 000.15 CD] Douglas Lawrence, Ian Bonighton; Reverberations, Sequenza

Creel Pone

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This was the 15th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, collecting both of Douglas Lawrence's early-late 70s Organ & Tape Music "Recital" LPs, plus the first (Electronic) half of Ian Bonighton's "Sequenza" set (heavily featuring Lawrence). The eye-popping covers of the original issues have been replicated admirably here across the 6-panel booklet (there's also an 8-page insert w/ the detail & liners from the Bonighton set) & the selection of Avant-Electronic pieces by stalwarts Keith Humble, Ron Nagorcka, James Penberthy, Felix Werder, & Bonighton is without compare.