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Bill Fontana; Sound Sculpture (EMI Custom #YPRX-1434, 1978)

01. Kirribilli Wharf (8:05)
02. Prince Alfred Bridge - Gundagai (7:40)
03. Moorabin Airport (8:30)

04. Pipe Phase (11:00)
05. Piano Sculpture (14:00)

[CP 000.19 CD] Bill Fontana; Sound Sculpture

Creel Pone

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This was the 19th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, a replica edition of the canonic American Sound Artist's first Private-Press LP, as realized via the Sydney EMI Custom facility plant in 1978 & covering Field Recordings & Sound Sculptures made around Sydney & Melbourne exhibited at the NGV in March 1978. Possibly misleading in its (early) use of the phrase, these pieces vary between raw documentation of acoustically-significant environments & events, presaging much of the diaristic work of the coming wave of post/"Broken-Music" world of Sound Works made primarily by Visual Artists with the remit of galleries & museum-spaces.

This replica edition covers every stray detail of the OG pressing on the outer panels, with blown-up detail of the liners & metholodogies on the inner ones. Absurdly great music; I've heard Fontana's name spoken-of in less-than-glowing terms more than a few times recently, largely due to how unknown & inaccessible this early material was... until now.