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[CP 237 CD] Pascal Bentoiu, Corneliu Dan Georgescu; Jertfirea Ifigeniei (Operă Radiofonică), Model Mioritic

Creel Pone

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June 2023; glad to see this ongoing resumption of the CP 23X "Romanian" / Electrecord series (only a few titles left) here resuscitating a pair of Orchestral / Choral Musique-Concrète sides by Pascal Bentoiu & Corneliu Dan Georgescu that just so happened to fit neatly together on a single 80-minute disc.

Bentoiu's 1968 masterwork "Jertfirea Ifigeniei (Operă Radiofonică)" appears here in its original July 1968 iteration ("Înregistrare realizată în studiourile Radioteleviziunii Române în iulie 1968"), comprised of witchy group-chant passages over small-organ flourish, cut with spry tape & foley interjections. Georgescu's "Model Mioritic", a "Spectacol audio-vizual pentru soliști, cor, orchestră și bandă magnetică" ("Audio-visual spectacle for soloists, choir, orchestra and magnetic tape") similarly was composed in 1973 & can be heard here in a 1981 Romanian Radio recording issued (in a completely eye-popping B/W Op-art cover by I. P. "Filaret", wonderfully reproduced here). It's a wonderful, extended meditation built around a bi-directional tape loop of vocal drones over which the ensemble intones a series of dissonant figures.