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[CP 000.02 CD] Basil Kirchin; Worlds Within Worlds, 1-4

Creel Pone

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This was the second of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles made for the installation (after the Dariush Dolat-Shahi) and the first to feature two LPs "sandwiched" together to form a 5/12th scale imaginary/fantasy-league-baseball version of a 2LP set featuring both of Basil Kirchin's Early 70s forays into Free Improv laced Tape Music, thus defining the "Double-Sided" aesthetic the series would adopt a good 3 years later w/ the CP-0X0-0X1 titles.

As with the Dariush, the handful of surviving copies here are solely for the completists, as the music in question has, in the interim, been reissued by Trunk & Superior Viaduct, respectively.