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[CP 246 CD] Arthur Pétronio

[CP 246 CD] Arthur Pétronio

Creel Pone
CP 246 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

... continuing the survey of the legendary Belgian Igloo label's output, this late 70s collection of, primarily, mid-60s Tape Music & Sound Poetry from the Swiss Artist Arthur Pétronio was only the imprint's second release, and has remained one of the most elusive. 

Appearing on both the massive, epoch-defining "Futura: Poesia Sonora" 7LP boxed set on Cramps the prior year (his entrant, "Cosmosmose" appears here) as well as the 1975 "Poesia Sonora" LP (ditto, "Sortilèges") Pétronio's garbled, noise-addled collage echo the work of François Dufrêne (at his wildest) & Henri Chopin (at his most de-ranged), rife with the kinds of low-groan-moaning heard on Henning Christiansen's "Symphony Natura" & wild, speak-in-tongues hysteria that reminds of the Dieter Kaufmann/Gunda König pieces or even Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir in its embrace of batshit abandon.

This Creel Pone replica edition includes the (outsize) booklet along with a proper, no-contemporary-revisionism recreation of the OG sleeve; a late highlight!


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