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[CP 136 CD] Arnold Aard; Electro-Sonnances

Creel Pone

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Ever since the Creel-production of Douglas Leedy’s “Entropical Paradise,” I’ve been wondering about the existence of any other “Automatic Electronic Music” released during the “Classic Era.” Lo & behold, Mr. P.C. C.P. has unearthed this “Private-ly” released chestnut from 1980, covering four of obscure Belgian composer Arnold Aard’s experiments with self-generating electronic music systems. 

The results fall somewhere between Leedy’s elegant side-long tonality studies & the oddly miscreantic creep of Nicholas Schöffer’s “Hommage à Bartók,” Each piece is derived from a synthesizer patch documented on the sleeve via flow-chart. Super-interesting wanderings all but buried by the sands of time - often unbelievably a-musical !!! There seems to be a grand plan involving all but the most challenging of dramatic dynamic leaps & motivic development on par w/ the best of the “Outsider” spec.