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[CP 000.23 CD] АНС Электронная Музыка (ANS Electronic Music), Музыкальное Приношение (Musical Offering), Метаморфозы (Metamorphoses)

Creel Pone

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This was the 23rd of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, collecting three conceptually-aligned collections of Early Russian Electronic Music issued on the State-run label Мелодия (Melodiya), centered around the work of ANS Synthesizer architect Евгений Мурзин (Yevgeny Murzin) & involving composers Станислав Крейчи (Stanislav Kreitchi), Эдуард Артемьев (Eduard Artemyev, a few years before his alliance w/ Андрей Тарковский [Andrei Tarkovsky]), А. Немтин (Alexander Nemtin), Шандор Каллош (Sándor Kallós), Олег Булошкин (Oleg Buloshkin), София Губaйдулина (Sofia Gubaidulina), Эдисон Васильевич Денисов (Edison Denisov), Альфред Шнитке (Alfred Schnittke), Юрий Богданов (Yuri Bogdanov), & Владимир Иванович Мартынов (Vladimir Martynov).

The first two sets were largely composed utilizing the ANS photo-optical synthesizer ("Метаморфозы" is largely EMS Synthi 100) & the music here ranges from purely research-oriented soundscapes to (of course) synthesized arrangements of pieces by Debussy, Monteverdi, Прокофьев (Prokofiev), & Bach... that said, my prior predilection towards downplaying this sort of "Moogsploitation" completely unwarranted here given then next-level arrangements & attention paid to timbral & patch-details (frankly, many of the original pieces are all but unrecognizable).