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[CP 242 CD] Ann Southam; The Reprieve, The Emerging Ground+

Creel Pone

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Timely replication of the other Ann Southam LP (following the "Sky Sails+" entrant 40 "dots" ago as well as her work on the "Electronic Music By Canadian Composers" set) covering the storied Canadian Electro-Acoustic composer's work for the Toronto Dance Theatre as commissioned by Patricia Beatty during the mid-70s & early 80s.

The main two pieces here; "The Reprieve (1975)" & "The Emerging Ground (1983)" are gorgeous, flowing abstractions of Electronic Sound, rife with pinging, ecstatic resonances that remind me of both Douglas Leedy's automatic-music classic "Entropical Paradise" as well as the tail-end of Warner Jepson's "Totentanz".

This set also includes a further two pieces composed for Dance as requested Beatty & Peter Randazza, "Seastill (1979)" & "Rewind (1984)" as well as an excerpt of a 1974 piece, "Walls and Passageways," all with the same sense of flowing grandeur.