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[CP 160-161 CD] Andrés Lewin Richter, Anna Ricci; Interpreta Obras, Musica Electroacústica

Creel Pone

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Issued in 1982 as a pair of separate lp’s by Hemis Ferio, this set covers the bulk of Spanish composer Andrés Lewin Richter’s Electro-Acoustic music (as opposed to his Library work - issued by Cam as a one-two-three punch of masterful mood-pieces under the “Space Electronics” moniker in 1977) segregated by his work with vocalist Anna Ricci (the first LP) and without (the second.)

Incorporating a wide range of source materials (aside from Ricci’s operatic & at times psychedelic splendour, we’re treated to the sounds of the baschet instruments on “Baschetiada,” a plunderphonic reworking of Wagner on “Wagler Walricci,” and all kinds of synthesized & processed noises available to Richter via the classic 60’s “tape studio” toolkit :: primitive oscillator / synthesizer / filter topologies, ring modulation & gating circuits, and possibly the sproing-iest spring reverb i’ve heard on record) the pieces herein tend towards the alien & otherwordly, with a generally drenched & distant fidelity adding a murky, dark charm to the proceedings, recalling André Almuro’s similarly-hued, contemporaneous work at the GRM.