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[CP 156 CD] Andre Stordeur; 18 Days

Creel Pone

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The Brussels-based Igloo label was one of the main hotbeds of Belgian Avant-Garde music in the late 70s & early 80s, issuing canonic work(s) by Godfried Willem Raes (& his Logos Duo w/ Moniek Darge), Jacques Bekaert, Henri Chopin, Léo Küpper, Artur Petronio, Henri Pousseur, and many others, including this slept-on set by electronic music composer Andre Stordeur (whose only other issued work prior to this were a pair of pieces used to score a 1973 documentary on the artist Gordon Matta-Clark) executed over (you guessed it) an 18-day stretch from December 1978 through January 1979.

A purely didactic affair, the A-side’s “Analog Electronic Music” features three pieces (presumably made w/ the pictured arsenal ; EMS VCS3, Arp 2600) that dovetail conceptually into the B-side’s “Digital Electronic Music” ; there’s a tendency towards sub-divided rhythmics that recalls Michael Czajkowski’s “People the Sky” - albeit devoid of said’s positivistic tendencies (the stark b/w artwork & Stordeur’s grim visage on the back cover belie a darker sensibility) ; a better reference point would be the contemporaneous expurgations of Maurizio “M.B.” Bianchi, whose adherence to echo-laden polyphonics & mysterious “ghost in the machine” noises shares a similar spec.