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[CP 236 CD] Lucian Mețianu, Silvio Foretic, Janko Jezovšek; String Quartet Nos. 1 & 2, Pythagoreis, Evolutio '73, Balkanal

Creel Pone

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April 2023; finally returning to the CP 23X "Romanian Electroinc Music" series after a considerable lapse, here is a collection of Modern Compositions & Tape Music by Romanian composer Lucian Mețianu centerpieced by the side-length piece "Pythagoreis, Muzică Electronică" (composed in 1970 on the Moog Modular setup at Hochschule für Music in Köln, guided & largely executed by the invisible touch of engineers Albert & Genia Hoppenrath) with the bonus addition of a seemingly-entirely-unrelated, yet similarly Hoppenrath-guided piece: Silvio Foretić & Janko Jezovšek's side of the 1974 "Sang Und Klang / Balkanal" LP (sparing you Franz Bücheler's side of, largely, bog-standard lieder).

Similar to Jaap Vink & Bohdan Mazurek's presences at the Instituut Voor Sonologie & Polish Radio Experimental Studios, respectively, the Hoppenraths collectively enabled (and, often, entirely executed) pieces by Klarenz Barlow, Foretic, and others yielding some of the finest & most transgressive work from the era. "Pythagoreis" alone lurches from grinding, Bertoia-esque metallic klang to the sort(s) of ghost resonances of Xenakis' "Bohor" over a spry 16 minutes, and the exceedingly fried Sound Poetry tape-chops & audio-rate gatings of "Balkanal" rival anything from the Chopin/Dufrêne/Heidsieck catalogues going from strength to strength across the piece's eye-watering 32 minutes. 

This Creel Pone edition comes as a single (near-80-minute) disc housed in a six-panel full-color booklet containing all imagery/context from the initial issues.