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[CP 255 CD] 3ª Bienal Americana De Arte

Creel Pone

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Summer 2021, 55th-anniversary reproduction (conveniently issued as CP 255) of this absurdly rare 1966 "Private" festival edition assembled for the titular October 1966 event held in Córdoba, Argentina.

Covering (disc/LP-1) Tape & Electronic Music by organizers Horacio Vaggione & Pedro Echarte, along with pieces by José Vicente Asuar, Edgardo Cantón, Alcides Lanza, and international participants Gerald Strang, Gordon Mumma, & Lejaren Hiller followed by (disc/LP-2) performances of largely instrument-and-tape pieces by Virgilio Tosco, Oscar Bazán, and international participants Morton Feldman, Ernst Krenek, Earle Brown, Christian Wolff, and John Cage by Vaggione, Echarte, Bazan, Antonio Tauriello & Gerardo Gandini.

It should go without saying (esp. given the personnel) that this music has gone almost entirely unheard in the interim, offering up a King's Ransom in Latin American Early Electro-Acoustic music to the initiated. An undoubtedly appealing prospect, and along with the Tacuabé "Composiciones Electroacusticas" series (CP 130-131) & the various Cuban surveys (CP 120, CP 170-171, 220-221) this should fill in the (many) gaps.