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1st + 2nd Greek Contemporary Music Week (CSDG 62)

1-01. Yannis A. Papaioannou; Eros Anikate Mahan [For Choir A Kapella] (2:19) 1965
1-02. Michael Adamis; Revelation, Seal 6 [For Five Voice Groups, Narrator And Videotapes] (14:12) 1967

1-03. Theodore Antoniou; Ex San [For Solo Toumba] in 6 parts (10:20) 1967
1-04. Nikos Mamangakis; Trittis [For Guitar, Santouri, Percussion, Cello and Double Bass] (11:21) 1966

4th Greek Contemporary Music Week # 1 (CSDG 63)

1-05. Iannis Xenakis; Palace [For Octet of Winds and Strings] (12:24) 1969
1-06. Yannis Ioannidis; String Quartet (8:37) 1971

1-07. Michael Adamis; Hold [For Psalti, Oboe, Toumba And Tape] (10:52) 1971

2-01. Nikos Mamangakis; Mourning In Memory Of Giannis Christos [For Solo Guitar] (11:07) 1970-71

4th Greek Contemporary Music Week # 2 (CSDG 64)

2-02. Nikos Skalkottas; 1st Quartet [For Piano and Winds (3:32) 1941/43
2-03. Yannis A. Papaioannou; Narration [For Violin Solo] (16:06) 1970

2-04. Giorgos Sicilianos; Episodes II [For Double Mixed Choir, Tape and Three Performers - Erg. 30 (9:49) 1971
2-05. Dimitris Dragatakis; Zaluch [For Clarinet, Trombone, Toumba, Piano, Percussion And 4 Speakers] (12:42) 1971

4th Greek Contemporary Music Week # 3 (CSDG 65)

2-06. Anestis Logothetis; Pyriflegethon - Acheron - Kokkytos [For 3 Choirs And Instruments] (7:50) 1971
2-07. Georges Aperghis; Puzzles [For 5 Wooden, 5 Bronze And Percussion] (13:42) 1971

3-01. Stephanos Vassiliadis; The Secret Songs of Silence [Electronic Music] (19:16) 1971

4th Greek Contemporary Music Week # 4 (CSDG 66)

3-02. Nikos Skalkottas; 2nd Quartet [For Piano and Winds (3:34) 1947-43
3-03. Theodore Antoniou; Protest II [For Chamber Music Band And Tape] (13:48) 1971

3-04. Dimitri Terzakis; X [For Choir, Instrumental Ensemble And Tape] (13:08) 1971
3-05. Kyriakos Sfetsas; Essay [For Instrumental Ensemble] (7:09) 1969

[CP 270-271-272 CD] 1η, 2η & 4η Ελληνική Εβδομάδα Σύγχρονης Μουσικής (1st, 2nd & 4th Hellenic Week Of Contemporary Music)

Creel Pone

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February 2022; as with the (eventual) replica edition of the entire 3-LP "Musica Electroacustica Española" series via CP 260-261 CD, here is the complete offering of this totemic 5-LP boxed set, covering the crème-de-la-crème of the '70-'71 season of, largely, Avant-Electronic work by the 60s generation of Greek Composers, as issued originally in the same EMI Odeon program as "Ελληνική Ηλεκτρονική Μουσική - 1, Greek Electronic Music-1" (point of fact: the latter's CSDG 67 catalogue number was directly preceded by the former's CSDG 62-66, making this both the spiritual & the literal precursor to easily the single-most enduring title in the entire C.P. program!) 

We've only been able to hear a scattered few of these pieces via the individual copies of CSDG 62 & 63 stumbled upon over the years (as featured on the first "Creelpolation") but now we can revel in the entirety of this mythic releases existence. Honestly, it's worth it for Stephanos Vassiliadis' incredible, side-length "The Secret Songs of Silence (Electronic Music) (1971)" alone, but the proliferation of unbelievably great Early-Electronic & Avant-Garde work here by names you should be familiar with from the series thus far (Kyriakos Sfetsas, Anestis Logothetis, Michael Adamis, Iannis Xenakis, is unparalleled. 

Configured to lay evenly across 3 discs (see the tracklisting to your left for details) & issued as three separately packaged/sleeved discs (each with an absurdly nice "Glossy" 6-panel booklet recreating every spare detail of the box & the 5 LP jackets) with 10 different inserts (4 pages of liner notes, for each LP, in both English & Greek, separately) this is one of the more elaborate and long-needed titles, coming in hot in the series' 2022 victory lap.