To bring you up to speed:

the Reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge label (1997-2001, RIP) begat the Reckankomplex house & the Entschuldigen imprint, which spawned the Reckanomplex shop. Shortly thereafter, Mimaroglu Music Sales was born, later simplified to just Mimaroglu Music; all of this in Somerville & Cambridge, MA, between 2003 & 2015. A truly great run w/ minimal strife & many, many happy customers, artist, & labels served along the way.

Then, in mid-late 2015, a seismic mental & physically hemispheric shift led the Mimaroglu PTB to Melbourne, VIC, where Broken-Music sprang up, out of necessity/a garage in the Brunswick neighborhood. This was an experiment to see if such a thing would be feasible in the world/long term (spoiler: it was not.) Then, a litany of international intrigue/trauma occurred in late 2018, followed by much hand-wringing and, finally, an open hand/invitation, and here we land, Brooklyn, NY, USA, and now, finally, Alpha State NYC.

The theme/tone of these businesses has always been a mix of largely otherwise unheralded historic experimental music & art, coupled with relevant contemporary underground activity, and seeing as this formula has led to both great success and utter failure, I see no reason to alter it all too greatly. Yes, it's true so much has changed in the world of Art/Music retail in the intervening decades, but something keeps drawing me back to it, moth to flame, time & time again.

You don't get to choose who & what you fall in love with, and it helps to consistently reframe both temporary infatuation & deep, long-term attractions as wonderful artifacts of life itself. With hope it is within this spirit that this place will rise, phoenix-like, from the raze of the aforementioned energies, and that this will prosper, at first, at a glacial, unhurried pace. Time will tell.

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