Welcome to 2022 everyone; I hope you managed to stay healthy & rested and spend time with family & friends (be it virtual or otherwise) over the holiday break.

Great things are afoot for the Alpha State NYC family of labels this year, including new Hi-Res AUDIO titles (H-RA-011 CS, "Naeba b/w Nantes Playthroughs" has just gone live as of this morning), represses of the "Traveloglog" & "Greatest Hits" discs, a couple of vinyl projects that will hopefully land later in the year, and of course the continued saga of Creel Pone.

Note that last year's rolling "Creel Pone 16th Anniversary" sale-incentive has officially come to a close. This is due to myriad factors, chiefly the consistently rising cost and dwindling availability of materials and supplies, pretty much across the board. In fact, the blank discs that I have been buying & using for Creel Pone for the past 16 years have now gone out of production (meaning that they are no longer available to purchase anywhere in the world!) forcing me to switch over to the far costlier (by a factor of 250%; even if they're more aesthetically on-brand) German "Digital Vinyl" blanks that all new C.P. titles & rééditions will be duplicated on from this point going forward.

Speaking of duplication; I've been steadily amassing a starter inventory of blanks, cases, and inserts, and will be slowly adding them to the Supplies tab; watch that space for actual, orderable duplication packages within in a month or two, all at competitive prices.

Thanks as always for checking out the labels & here's looking forward to a grand year of controlled chaos; now let us never talk of 2021 again.

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