For the rest of the Winter (until 3/21) I'll be offering a "$5 For $1" incentive on anything currently listed at the lowest price-tier in ASNYC's Discogs inventory! Go ahead and "Make (an) Offer" of $1 on any number of $5 items and watch your CD, Record, & Tape libraries grow with copies of the amazing titles I've been hoarding over the past two decades!

Of course, feel free to purchase or make offers on anything else up for sale on Discogs, but you have my guarantee that I'll accept your offers on anything to which this incentive applies; the best part is that the shipping costs will remain a flat $5 (domestically; while I'll gladly ship anything internationally, please don't complain and/or act surprised at the postage incurred - it's roughly 4/5 CDs a lb.) for an order of any size!

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