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Pieces For Kohn

01. Modhera (7:50)
02. Bonampak (9:32)

03. Girnar (7:31)
04. Fatehpur (7:35)

Formal & Informal Music

05. Formal & Informal Music (23:12)

06. Crimson Sterling (21:22)

[CP 001 CD] Thomas Hamilton; Pieces For Kohn, Formal Informal Music

Creel Pone

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Just a few (stray) copies of this 2009 second-edition of CP 001, preëmptively prepared prior to the Kvist-label 2CD set of the same material then subsequently shelved upon the release of said, including the second Somnath LP, "Formal & Informal Music". Strictly for the completists.

A package arrived on the Reckankomplex doorstep just now (May 1st, 2005) return-addressed from a “Creel Pone” - I suppose we’ll have to leave everything else up to speculation - containing a few copies of this item here; a rather well done, albeit of dubious-legality repro of an absolute gem of a 1975 pointillist bleep-fest - the colors even come close to approximating the neons of the original Somnath-label lp artwork and the CD-R is printed very neatly! (damn I’ve got to get one of these new inkjet printers) by Mr. Thomas Hamilton, now better known as a member of Robert Ashley’s ensemble & the progenitor of various recording ensembles on the Pogus label.

Being someone enamored with all of the elements that make the LP so great - 1. Private Press edition, 2. musical accompainment to visual art, 3. created on a Serge Modular - I will spare the gush and let you know that this is the real deal: super dense multi-occurrence synth freakouts in varying degrees of complexity. no hokey trance-like arpeggiations, in fact no regular rhythms at all. Super mysterious and ultra-inviting, just the way it should be.