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L's GA, Ballad, Octet (#24-5001)

01. L'sGA for Gas-Masked Politico Helium Bomb & Tape (24:20) 1967

02. Ballad (11:20) 1966
03. Octet (7:01) 1963

[CP 006 CD] Salvatore Martirano; L's GA, Ballad, Octet

Creel Pone

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This wasted slab of late-60s aggro-politco Tape-collage sentiment is held in only the highest regard by yours truly, up there with Mimaroglu’s “Sing Me a Song of Songmy” in it’s blending of era topics and psychotropic noise; I’ve described and/or recommended this record to many folks over the years, always making a point to mention that is consists almost entirely of slowed down screaming. It - again - just has to be heard to be believed.