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[CP 289 CD] Paul Church Jr.; Just Passing Through

Creel Pone

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May 2023; Gorgeous reproduction of this hensteeth 1983 "Private" LP (initially issued by "Fritz Maude Enterprises") interlocking a particularly desirable vein of Crystal-gaze with more outré, Avant-Garde tendencies bordering on Musique Concrète & Electronic Minimalism.

Landing amidst a pastoral field of bongos & a full spectral range of droning synths & FM flicker, we're led into "Symphony No.1 For Piano And Technology"; a long stretch of the sort of modal, droning, effects-laden stage-piano drip familiar from such blessed affairs as Jordan De La Sierra's vaunted 1978 Unity-label affair "Gymnosphere: Song Of The Rose" (with which Church's playing shares more than a passing resemblance).

Far from the tonal naivety usually associated with the common New Age Private, tracks like the clangorous dread of "Moving Ice" have much more going on compositionally, reminding a bit of Wilburn Burchette's Electronic work, and the bubbling, churning synths that fill every crack & crevice throughout this inspired affair share an affinity with the work of JD Emmanuel, Frank Becker, and other astrally-aligned travelers.

Loving this one; a gorgeous, "Beaucage" outing that is in many ways a throwback to the series' more innocent/humble beginngs, reminding of titles such as Cellutron ([CP 022 CD]), Lorq Damon ([CP 083 CD]), Giuseppe Morocchi ([CP 124 CD]), Artificial Horizons ([CP 204 CD]) and the like. A set of proper head-cleaning drip; a perfect arrival right at the series' 18th anniversary.