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Matthew Revert; Not You

Long Playing Record

Kye is proud to present the first fully authorized collection of sound work by esteemed Australian novelist Matthew Revert. 'Not You' takes Revert's diaristic/voyeuristic narrations and casts them against a loose-footing of home-recorded 4-track scrabble, iPhone overload, and migratory acoustic dreamsong. These constituent parts combine and flourish in a creative rite of passage that affirms 'Not You' as both hermetic tour-de-force, and masterpiece of primitive self-expression. Mastered by Jason Lescalleet at Glistening Labs, 'Not You' arrives in a high-gloss Matthew Revert designed sleeve, with accompanying insert, in an edition of 400 copies.

A series of home recordings by the Australian Novelist - author of "A Million Versions of Right," "The Tumours Made Me Interesting," "How to Avoid Sex," etc. - taking somewhat of a Bipartisan approach to the Aleatoric Collage methods, in that the simultaneous stream of the 4 chosen elements - Voice, stray Guitar chords, some mild cracked-electronic chatter, and in-situ clatter-percussion - both deny and embrace some semblance of synergy. As with the recent Good Area single, there's a certain kowtowing to Graham Lambkin own formative spec, which, filtered through the two-decade interim of World Events & the Antipodean sensibility, comes out of the grinder as Something Else; a poetry-laced read on the 80s tape-trader home-Industrial spec perhaps. Regardless, Revert's is a sparkling, odd mind laid bare here on record.

- Keith Whitman


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