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[CP 155 CD] Klaus Röder; Elektronische Kompositionen

[CP 155 CD] Klaus Röder; Elektronische Kompositionen

Creel Pone
CP 155 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable
Privately released as a pair of LPs in 1981 & 1983, respectively, this set covers the early electro-acoustic work of German composer, guitarist, and electronic percussionist Klaus Röder, a student of Milko Kelemen & Günther Becker’s - more on Becker later in the series - member of the free jazz band Synthesis - along w/ Gerhard Illi ... not to be confused w/ the Arthur Blythe / Olu Dara / David Murray group of the same name - who formed an Electronic Music studio in Solingen to realize his idiosyncratic experiments in hyper-rhythmic, cut-up Musique Concrète in the mid-70s.

Meticulous, frenetic, and wryly humorous, the pieces here often show Röder’s dexterity as an instrumentalist - there’s a fair bit of classical guitar “shredding” peppered throughout - but consistently show him as a master of assemblage; there’s an incredibly prescient sense of rhythmic “programming” that, at times, presages dance/electronic music’s rush towards feverish complexity in the mid-late-90s.


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