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Keith Fullerton Whitman; Amposta Generators b/w Lleida Generators

Protracted View
PV 517
C36 Cassette

Return of the long-dormant Canadian Protracted View label; famous for the venerable "Synth Night" double-tape box (featuring early cuts by Oneohtrix Point Never, Carlos Giffoni, and Prehistoric Blackout) & my own "Live Generators (1)" & "Live Occlusions (1)" & "(2)" outings.

This set offers the highlights of two extended, durational performances reviving the "Generators" framework (just shy of its 8th anniversary) executed during Spring of last year in the titular Catalonian cities; the former just after noon on the 21st of May inside Amposta's "Lo Pati Center d'Art Terres De l'Ebre" & the latter the day before as the sun went down outside of Lleida's "Centre d'Art la Panera". Both begin with the familiar cascading Sample & Hold canons before a set of rapidly complicating, albeit cleanly sub-dividable rhythm-arcs & transpositions creep in; while the former set is augmented only by subtle audience interference & brief interjections of pre-recorded Concrète sound, the Lleida set goes one further by incorporating subtle real-time augmentations of the environment itself along with an almost linear, dance-floor ready coda incorporating primitive analogue drum synthesis. 

Thanks to Luis Codera Puzo & Santi Barguño (without whom these realizations would not have been possible) and to Arnau Sala, Paolo Thorsten-Nagel, Chloe Pensavalle, & everyone else surrounding this trip; "Amposta Generators b/w Lleida Generators" comes as a twin-tone "Imprinted" C36 cassette tape with "Atari Yellow" leader shrouded in a "Reversible" four-panel J-card inside a Norelco box with "Mustard" detail in an edition of 105 copies.


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