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Joe McPhee, John Snyder; To Be Continued

Long Playing Record

First issue of this 1973 concert recording, again pitting "Pieces of Light" sparring partners Joe McPhee & Arp 2600 player John Snyder against each other over a dense menagerie of group sound - involving Charlie McPhee, Eddie Saunders, Albert Henderson, Jerry Jones, Michael Driver, Freddie Johnson - as captured at the Holy Cross Monastery in 1973.

I love "Pieces;" it's one of few American loft-jazz / fire-music artifacts with electronics - maybe outside of Khan Jamal's "Drumdance to the Motherland" - and the discovery of this tape - let alone how amazing the performances & recording are - is a major revelation. There's a section at the beginning of the B-side that meets my lofty expectations here & then some - McPhee's floating, Dolphy-esque Eastern flute meditations giving way to Snyder's rising White Noise filigree & found-sound materials into a straight-out noise-war - impeccable.


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