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[CP 022 CD] Cellutron & The Invisible; Reflecting On The First Watch ...

Creel Pone

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Once again, leave it to Mr. P.C. C.P. to unearth yet another recording that not only haven’t I heard; I hadn’t even heard of it until the faithful Thursday afternoon box from Reykjavik. Originally released in 1978 on the Northfield, Vermont based Green Mountain records, “Cellutron & the Invisible” is (apparently) the brain-child of one Robert S. Greely. I’ve tried my usual sources for more information, but all I get are dead links and references to the LP itself.

In my mind, this is right up there with the continuum of weirdo 60s / 70s outsider Private-press Electronic-Psych fuh - think Intersystems (specifically), Spoils of War, Nik “Pascal” Raicevic, etc. - plenty of basement Modular-Synth spew coupled with chemically-derived “Outsider Poetry” and a few flourishes of Psych-Guitar for the “Heads.” If synth-drippings & zonked guitar / wordplay from a northern / deep woods dwelling longhair doesn’t sound like a variant on your ideal “Thing”, well, then i’ll be a Digital Readout Hum.