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Bent Lorentzen; Vand, Electronic Music

Creel Pone
CP 007 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Next stop on the Creel Pone train: Denmark, where in 1972 Mr. Lorentzen - an associate of Gunner-Møller Pedersen's - composed “The Bottomless Pit”, a rather Parmegiani-esque epic of Dante-esque proportions, replete with extra added Tape-womble before flesing out an impressive suite of Musique Concrète compositions, including 1975's "Cloud Drift" & 1978's "Visions."

Between Else-Marie Pade, Gunner-Möller Pederson, and Bent here, it’s quite evident that something potent was being dripped in the water back in 50s / 70s Denmark. This 2015 re-reproduction includes both the "Electronic Music" LP & the 1970 "Vand," or "Wind" 7" single - sparing you the 1968 "Elektronmusikkens Materialer Og Æstetik," or "An Introduction To Electronic Music" educational-set, even if the included Dufrêne & Baronet, Berio, Arel, Brün, Varèse, Berio, & Ligeti examples / extraits are quite nice.


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