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Alien City

A1 Records
A1-0 LP
Long Playing Record

Sui Generis: Not only the amazing duo from Argentina & "INFINITE JEST" but surely what we are ALL in the sound game for. Anyone with two east/west northern holes above your bone box nugg is on constant HUNT for THAT jam that has no pre/no post: A creeping isolated "sound being" adrift in a fontad sea in a lost forgotten world . Too rare a task in this 20th Century Schizo reference recycled derivative genre-based underground? Hell yes- But they are around and well well look here: In your greasy mitts is a stone cold MONSTER of Sui Generis frightening proportions.

The mysterious & elusive ALIEN CITY LP. Info on is nearly nonexistent - Seattle, "Dog Star" label- rumors of tapes: mental institutions: thats about it: But the year 79 adds some hints: froward Glam-ish moves, eeerr... "basement" prog- a smart arty trench coat/lip stick cosmic vibe: its all there but its the overall "sheen" is mixed with some of the sharpest hooks known to the no-budget private record outsider dreamer-type. A dateless cousin to the equally weird STRANGE "Souvenir Album" lp from around the same time/state?? Ever made a Kinkos (whoops FED EX) run @ midnight and theres a total loner weirdo copying homemade gnostic symbols in a unholy ferver? Heres his LP: warts and all.

"Alien City" nearly has a "Killing With Capitalism With Kindness" sense of song writing: water brain logged obsessive / anxious short vignettes stringed together to paint a picture of the mouths & neon green-gray blood pumping hearts via the "Olden Men." The Lp coms from a universe filled with busy rambling minds in cheap downtown makeup worried about how to "Keep Your Cool." Hard to really pinpoint where this beast crawled from: but it is as addictive as mainlining a Charleston Chew and will stick to your soul with equal chewing elastic permanence.

The flow on side two "When Everything Is All Wrong" is about as perf as homemade noncommercial catchy brilliance on a $4 billingsgate budget progressive brilliance can get / this side of Yezda Urfa. Take away your notions of "psych" and "fuzz explosions and "ego psych" as this is more like seeing a theatre play by a Todd Rungren obsessed zoner-loner on Halloween with nothing but mannequin heads as the audience.

If you find the current crop of Aussie songsmith smart punx youth trying to write the next "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" as dull as the noise cassette your dentist told you to czech out: Bury yourself DEEP inside this claustrophobic world and just SEE the effect it will seep into the seams of your life. The maze Alien City will draw you into Borges style will be one tuff exit, but full of all sorts of outerworldy treasures filled with intimate shaky inexplainable wonders: AND at the the very least the Minotaur inside is a skinny glasses-type that could end up being more annoying than flesh-eating.

SHOULD have liner notes by "The Killing" series and the previously mentioned David Foster Wallace... Forget the jingoism & not trying to exhort any player but :this is The STRANGEST date-night LP of 2014. MASTERPIECE THEATRE INDEED.


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