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[H-RA 001 CS] Keith Fullerton Whitman; To (a) Certain Extent [i], [ii].

[H-RA 001 CS] Keith Fullerton Whitman; To (a) Certain Extent [i], [ii].

H-RA 001 CS
Double C60 Casette

Inaugurating a series of short-run "Hi-Res Audio" releases, this double-cassette edition of the 2-hour entirety (sans the extraneous bonus material, naturally) of "To (a) Certain Extent" was produced as a Birthday Edition in late May, 2020, and comes as a pair of C-60 High Bias Chrome (Cr02) Cassettes, each housed in their own White Norelco Box, along with printed labels & J-Cards. This edition recreates the session's original running order and was dubbed (hot) to tape from the original masters in batches of 4 via a Recordex Soundmaster IV here in the studio in Brooklyn.

Recorded at ADDAC, Olaias, October 31st, 2018. Composed, Mixed, Mastered at Lafayette Underground, Brooklyn, November 13th, 2018; November 30th, 2018; December 28th, 2018; February 27th, 2019; December 9th, 2019; & January 9th, 2020.

Thanks to André Gonçalves, Luís Fernandes, Pedro Gomes, Pierce Warnecke, Robin Fox, Kavain Wayne Space, and everyone at ADDAC & Semibreve. In awe of the music of Maurizio Bianchi.


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