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[CP 207 CD] Michel Longtin; La Trilogie de la Montagne

[CP 207 CD] Michel Longtin; La Trilogie de la Montagne

Creel Pone
CP 207 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Gorgeous, three-part Musique Concrète suite, composed at McGill's Electronic Music studio & Bourges' Studio de Musique Expérimentale during 1977 & 78 by Quebecois composer Michel Longtin, timbrally presaging much of the FM synthesis-laden work of the early 80s & onwards, acting a bridge between the two sensibilities.

Framed as an "Electronic Music Fresco" the three pieces - "De Cristal, d'Angoisses et de Montagne", "A Bientot Elfes, Trolls et Lutins" (literally, "See you soon, Elves, Trolls, and Lutins"), and "Pour Conjurer la Montagne" work into a narrative whole, framed expertly by the composer himself:

"De Cristal, d'Angoisses et de Montagne" (SIDE A-1)

A people of trolls, elves and goblins lives in harmony around a crystal up to the time when it is invaded by malefic waves. Little by little the crystal shatters and the little creatures try to flee. As they come to a mountain which they must cross, the powerless elves, numbed by oscillations emanating from spheres suspended in the sky, are rooted to the spot.

The weakened crystal splits open completely to give birth to a human being advanced in years. In spite of the cries and warnings of the elves, the old man sets out to climb the malefic mountain. At the last moment, just before reaching the liberating frontier, the four spheres, immobilized in the sky, break out into a burst of sound and the man collapses, screaming.

II. "Pour Conjurer la Montagne" (SIDE B)

Under the rule of the four spheres, where desolation reigns supreme, all who in the past radiated life are now in a deep comatose sleep. And alone the lament of the man mutated into a child persists.

However, in a burst of life where death attempts to invade the very essence of cerebral life, the cries are heard once more. And so torture slowly organizes its weapons into a frenzy, thus reacts the mountain which disintegrates and is aspirated by the spheres. New desolation. The cold breathing then becomes the sole living presence.

After several years the spheres are no more. Only the sand moves ... Then, faintly ... miraculously ... coming all at once from the North, from the South, from the East and from the West, beneficial oscillations permeate space and hearts once more beat in time to glory.

III."A Bientôt, Elfes, Trolls et Lutins" (SIDE A-2)

Warmth and light once more inhabit their kingdom. The awakening elf-birches see their roots retreating further and further into the ground. This metamorphosis brings them liberty and life. From that moment on and from all around, the little people undertake a long march towards the frozen mutant who awakens with difficulty. The curtain falls on the smiling elves greeting the Coming to Life of the Being.


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