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[CP 213 CD] Mesias Maiguashca; Oeldorf 8

[CP 213 CD] Mesias Maiguashca; Oeldorf 8

Creel Pone
CP 213 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Issued by the Dutch "Nea Mousa Promotion Centre for Contemporary Music", the initial 1976 issue of this music documents the 8th meeting of "The Oeldorf Group" of Composer-Performers Pëter Eótvös (whose "Cricket Music" graces Creelpolation 1), Joachim Krist, Dietrich Frische, Gabriele Schumacher, and Mesias Maiguashca, who met annually at the barn pictured on the cover to workshop & perform each other's pieces from 1971 on. 

The two-part "Oeldorf 8" suite, composed in 1975, is a thing of wonder; from the outset, Maiguashca's spoken introduction of the players & concept gets slowly eroded by errant, pointillist electronic sound - composed that year at the storied WDR - which then lets loose for a good 10 minutes before a swarm of slowly rising held tones c/o the players acoustic arsenal slowly comes to the fore. 

On the second side, the acoustic sounds - patiently, elegantly state their cases across a good half of the segment until a rising pulse-wave drone essentially annihilates the more nuanced phrasing & slowly builds to an almost Roland Kayn-esque climax of raw oscillator gristle. Such polarizing music from such an unassuming cover!


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