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Alpha State NYC @ Reverb LP

The powers-that-be over at Reverb (where we have maintained a low-key second-hand synthesizer module & instrument hustle under the "Absalom's Modular Barn" moniker, since re-christened/"branded") reached out this week about extending our second-hand offerings via their newly-minted "Reverb LP" marketplace and, to keep it short, we jumped at the chance! 

Selling music gear over there has been an extremely pleasant experience, with dozens of happy customers & a great two-way feedback system that keeps everyone on their toes. Reverb LP is full of promise; time will tell how well it fares in the long-term (Gearogs, anyone? Not too mention [ugh] Bookogs) but one thing that has struck me as super interesting is that the Draconian ban on "Unofficial" releases has seemingly been lifted here; a return to the wild-west attitudes of early online record-sales can only be a good thing. Plus you can actually host auctions there w/o having to go the eBay route, which is super appealing. 

Cruise on over to Alpha State NYC @ Reverb LP to see what's on offer; at first this will simply be an echo of our Discogs feed (updated in real-time as listings are added to Discogs, voila, they show up on Reverb an hour or two later, very cool) but soon we will begin auctioning some of the rarer & more covetable items there. If you, like us, keep a running balance of "Reverb Bucks" from your gripping & flipping of music gear, well, now you have a new way to use it. Keep your eyes on the skies. 


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